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No. 39 – A Worthless Trinket

by | Jan 9, 2021 | Letters

Earlier this week, MAGA protestors supporting Donald Trump stormed the United States Capital building to stop the Congressional certification of the presidential election. They succeeded, briefly. The results were horrendous. A police officer died after being smacked with a fire extinguisher. A protestor was killed and three others died from medical emergencies. Over fifty police officers were injured, including at least one that was crushed. Offices of elected officials were trashed. The hallowed chamber of American legislative power was desecrated.

Chantal Delsol put it best in Icarus Fallen: "The scar of disappointment will never go away. We will live in the same world as before, but we will not live in the same way. A certain innocence has left us, and lost innocence can never be recovered."

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